how reform initiatives are aligned with rcse goals
Although the different innovations in place at the ResourceCenterfor Science and Engineering have a distinct focus and structure, they all must be interconnected as a single strategy. This interconnection is achieved by the development of a comprehensive, coherent and clear vision of the institutional mission conveyed by the RCSE’s leadership, and through the organizational structure set-up and project management coordination, enabled by the nature of the RCSE as a virtual organization structure. The strategic planning process with a systemic thinking approach ensures that new initiatives meet the common goals of the organization and not the exclusive or individual needs of participants. New initiatives build on current successful ones and the RCSE as the orchestrator of this complex portfolio is responsible for harnessing them into a coherent systemic reform strategy. Windows of opportunities (new sources of funds) are constantly examined, and only those that fit into the RCSE systemic reform strategies are brought into the strategic planning process.

The staff of the diverse RCSE initiatives works as a team to ensure the articulation of efforts across institutions and educational levels. Key members of the RCSE staff work on several projects, simultaneously or at different times, ensuring an overlap or redundancy effect which promotes interweaving among the projects, and transfer of knowledge and resources from one level to another.