continuous search for windows of opportunities2
In 1980, the RCSE started with a small operation of under $1.5M financed through combined funds from the National Science Foundation and the UPR to initiate the development of a systemic science and mathematics educational reform and to build the foundation for the research infrastructure. Since that time, the RCSE has grown steadily, diversifying its programs, services, and funding sources in a coherent and strategic process. In the year 2000-01, the RCSE had a $28M budget with a portfolio of 55 projects from 22 different funding agencies (federal, state and private) interwoven into a unified global strategy. Sixty four percent of the funds were obtained through competitive grantsmanship.

Through the development of an entrepreneurial approach to obtaining resources, the RCSE has succeeded in seizing opportunities that are not available through the institutional budgets, which allows the RCSE to accomplish its mission in spite of limited local resources. Only $1.7M is allocated to support the administrative structure of the RCSE, evidencing the cost-effectiveness of its operation. By sharing a single infrastructure for the direction, management and administration of these multiple projects, with only 133 full time employees, the RCSE has streamlined and optimized the utilization of human and material resources to expedite the support required to meet the diverse requirements of the funded projects for successful implementation.