The major goal of the RCSE’s educational reform strategy is to transform the teaching and learning process in STEM disciplines for ALL students in Puerto Ricobased on a student-centered educational paradigm. To achieve this transformation effectively, it is necessary to reform the entire educational system from K-16, treating the different levels – pre-college, college, and graduate – as components of a single educational system, emphasizing the need to promote effective and fruitful interactions among levels to ensure a strong coupling between them, thus allowing the emergence of a coherent and seamless continuum. Instead of implementing piecemeal efforts to change particular elements of the educational process, a global strategy consisting of several interconnected systemic initiatives has been developed through programs that address particular levels in the educational pipeline.


What makes this innovation successful is that each program of the RCSE is highly articulated with the others, building on the foundations and developments of the other levels, pooling know-how across levels and cross-fertilizing efforts, and leveraging resources to achieve a synergistic effect which has successfully advanced the systemic reform of the K-16 educational system. The different components or levels of the K-16 system are envisioned through a pipeline metaphor, in which the major systemic initiatives that interconnect to form the pipeline are identified.