creation of strategic alliancesThe high level of success of the RCSE is in great extent due to its development as a consortium based on a collaborative network among the major institutions of the educational system, thus providing a mechanism for the pooling of resources and promoting the articulation of efforts. Because of the multi-institutional nature of its partnerships, and the islandwide scope and complexity of its goals and programs, which range from grades K–12 to the graduate/research level, the RCSE was established as an administrative unit of the UPR's central administration and is directly under the supervision of the president of the university. As such, the RCSE is not identified with any particular academic programs, levels or units, which has facilitated the collaboration of all institutions and led to a synergistic effect on the improvement of STEM education throughout the island.

The RCSE has served the role of a broker among the consortium institutions, bringing them together to identify the major problems and needs in STEM education in Puerto Ricoand to jointly develop innovations in programs and services to address these needs. Key academic and administrative officials from all member institutions participate fully in the planning and implementation of the RCSE programs. The main partners from different sectors that have joined the RCSE consortium over the years include, among others: University of Puerto Rico System; Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico; the Inter American University System; Ana G. Méndez University System; Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico; Sacred Heart University; Universidad Central del Caribe Medical School; Puerto Rico Department of Education; Puerto Rico College Board; Puerto Rico Department of Economic Development and Commerce; private industries such as Pfizer, Texas Instrument, Bristol Myers, AMGEN, Medtronic MedRel, Hewlett-Packard, Schein, Sensormatic, Simmetricon, Allergan, Heyer Schulte; professional organizations such as P.R. Association of Science Teachers, P.R. Association of Mathematics Teachers, and the American Chemical Society.