Dr. Antonio E. Alegría

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Dr. Antonio E. Alegría
Chemistry Department
UPR Humacao
Dr. Antonio E. Alegria is professor of Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry of University of Puerto Rico at Humacao. He was project director and principal investigator of the MBRS-sponsored project at UPRH for 28 years. Alegria’s research areas of interests are the redox, sonochemical and photochemical reaction mechanisms of quinones and of red-light absorbing dyes, and the reactive intermediates involved in these reactions, as applied to toxicology and photodynamic therapy. He has been awarded grants from the National Institutes of Health such as NIGMS-MBRS and AREA programs as well as from the National Science Foundation (NSF-RUI). He has a PhD from the University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras in Physical Chemistry (1976), was appointed as postdoctoral fellow at Indiana University (1976-1977) and visiting scientist at the Radiation Biology laboratories at NIH, Bethesda (1987-1988). Dr. Alegria has been awarded with the Igaravidez award of the American Chemical Society-Puerto Rico chapter (1998) and with the Catedra Magistral at UPRH (1997) for his research accomplishments